What we do:

Little Leaders has joined forces with the amazing Sarah Young and her crew from Infinite Possibilities to create the ultimate partnership. We are an intensely passionate Neurodivergent and Disability-affirming team. This involves true acceptance, true accommodation, empowerment, education, self-advocacy, and the development of positive self-identity. All of which is incredibly important, however, if there is no one else who knows what you know, or who’s brain or body works the same as you – it’s sometimes an uphill battle to live it daily. Social connections with people who ‘get it’, are what makes the difference for our kids, teens, and adults – but where do we find these people?

This is where LikeMinds Co. and LikeForms Co. come in.

We are ecstatic to provide these Neurodivergent/Disability-Affirming programs, which aim to empower you and your kiddos/teens with knowledge, understanding and strategies to enable them to respect and meet their own neurodivergent/disability-related support needs, and to form connections with peers through shared interests, shared experiences, and fun, pressure-free, and engaging activities – at their own pace, in their own way.

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