Who We Are

Mindfulness, teamwork, resilience, gratitude

Little Leaders was founded by Central Coast locals Matt and Bryce, who both share a passion and appreciation for adopting a growth mindset and constantly working towards becoming a better individual, family member and team mate. Bryce being a primary school teacher and Matt being a proud dad who works within the mental health community have both found a great need, especially in today’s climate for our next generation to be given what they both believe to be vital life skills. Both Matt and Bryce are extremely passionate about instilling your Little Leaders with a sense of confidence and assisting them to become their best selves.

With today’s busy world and parents facing so many challenges on top of trying to work and juggle being the best parents they can be, Bryce and Matt both found what they believe to be a huge missing piece to the puzzle when it comes to kids’ development.

They are dedicated to filling this space and aiming to ensure that each child who comes through the Little Leaders program experiences a sense of belonging and walks away with the knowledge and tools to thrive in today’s world.



As a team, together, we achieve more and at Little Leaders we facilitate this.


Resilient Leaders

At Little Leaders our aim is to help your kids become the best version of themselves and grow into confident, capable and resilient leaders. By attending our action packed growth camps we expose your Little Leaders to an array of tools, activities and team challenges which will keep your kids active and entertained whilst encouraging less screen time and exposing them to strategies which assist when dealing with life’s challenges. Unlike many other programs we go beyond the usual sports and activities and encourage a learning environment which focuses on the holistic development of the child.

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